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Which Programming language you must choose?



I go to answer to the question
 ” which language is better to beginn the programmnig? “
The answer is simple!
   study HTML/CSS 

why  HTML/CSS  ?

 Because it’s the base of many actions you want to do.
   HTML/CSS   are markup languges .
If you could not markup, you never would to make pages or apps.
For instance,
 There are popular languages that you can use putting in HTML.
   #if you don’t want to make webpage
[want make Games or smartphone apps],
              it is better not to start with Html/CSS.

If you want to make Games.

  start with Unity [ C# ]


Unity is not a language.
 It’s one application that you can make games by the language C#.
It’s easier than make game from scratch,
but it’s requested to know C#.

If you want to make smart phone apps

 start with Java.
 Java is a language that is able to operate in
 windows and  Android.
Java is not an easy language,
but this language can make good servises.