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How to make money with programming

” How to make money with  coding? “
This is one of the questions of newbie engineers .
You did studied hard about programming, and got skills to Undertake your first work.
But you have a problem!
 you don’t know ” how to undertake your work! ” 
Then! I recommend for you to 
Register on the clowd sourcing site.

What is Clowd Sourcing site ?

 – It’s the site that you can undertake the work or request to somebody do your work.
It’s the good chance for people whom never made money with programming.
Not only programming, making icons, web design, writings too.

– What is recommended?

I recommend for you the Free lancer [clowd sourcing]
Free Lancer is one service is the  Big site that many people.
It’s one reliable site.